Lyra Ziegler



This workbook explores actions you can take to engage and develop your spiritual practice in a fresh way.


SHOWING UP | Practices for a Spirited Life

The new personal growth book from Freya Secrest and Lyra Ziegler.

It is the joyous heritage of each of us to find and know the sacredness within our life. It is a discovery, a knowing, that transforms everything, enabling us to be at home in a living and sacred universe. This innate heritage is not claimed at the end of a long journey or as a result of strenuous spiritual work. The portal to our sacred Self is here now, always present within us, waiting to be opened. In this book, Freya Secrest and Lyra Ziegler give us keys to unlock that portal. Through wise insights and elegant yet simple practices of discovery, she empowers us to commit to aliveness and to be our whole Self. This is a book I’ve waited for, and now here it is.
— David Spangler, author of Apprenticed to Spirit and Journey into Fire